Wanted and Wild 

Rock n Roll Follies - The band is LOUD, the dancers are HOT, and the danger is REAL

You are a fucking hilarious drop dead gorgeous MC. So there. - Christa Hughes

Good girls go to heaven - Bad girls go backstage!

A new monthly rock n roll variety show held at The Birdcage Sydney, Wanted and Wild is an epic night of rebellious cabaret, aerials and variety.

After a sold out debut show AND encore show, Diesel Darling, Porcelain Alice and the band are back with another all star - all new - lineup.

‘The Where To’ came to visit us at The Birdcage, for our October show - read their review.


With aerials, danger, burlesque, circus, dancers and more - ALL TO LIVE ROCK N ROLL! - This is a variety show like no other.